ARC Organiser Support

Event Approval Forms

Promotional Survey (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Interested in promoting your game or event? Please fill in the promotional survey so we can see what sort of advertising and player recruitment options you’d like to utilise.

Pre-Event Opening Speeches Template

This template can be used for building basic pre-game speeches to ensure that you cover off on all essential topics.

Chore Roster Template

A template for designating individuals to clean, tidy or pack up certain areas after an event.

Combat Induction Template

All participants in games that include NERF or boffer weapon fighting need to be inducted in safe combat techniques. Please note that gel ball and archery inductions are optional extras.

Sign In Sheet Template

As per our insurance requirements, all participants must sign in to games to ensure we have an adequate attendance roster.

Risk Assessments

All game masters and event organisers should be aware of the risks involved in the use of their particular venue. Please find the venue info-sheets (under construction) and risk assessments below: