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Desolation: Home Town

Post-Apocalyptic NERF Boffer LARP R18+

(6PM Friday 24th – 5PM Saturday 26th August)

Desolation – Home town will be a post apocalyptic larp set 100 years after the apocalypse, this event is known as the desolation. The world is heavily irradiated and a strange element known to the inhabitants of the world simply as “purple” has propped up and covered the wasteland.

You will be playing various factions trying to survive the wasteland and each other. This will be a permadeath game and relatively low number of hits (under ten) can be taken. Items and resources will be valuable and rationing food and water will be a thing.

Each faction is based on one of the stages of grief with the Home Town locals (Denial: idealise the past and wear 1950s style American fashions), the Initiative (Bargaining: paramilitary vault-dwellers who horde tech with the goal of fixing the situation), the Blighted Ones (Anger: those who have been mutated by the “Purple” which makes them stronger at the cost of losing self-control), Caravana De Los Muertos (Depression: worship death with a strange spiritualism) and the Army of Desolation (Acceptance: somewhere between raider and mercenary company who are currently paid by the townies to protect them).


You can take a look at the event over here and also check their Facebook group for more information and a chance to peruse photographs of their costuming.  R18 game.

Location: Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre, Paris Creek Rd, Strathalbyn SA 5255

Ticket Pricing – $120 for a full weekend LARP with accomodation and food.

$10 discount if you assist as supporting cast.
$10 discount if you are an ARC member.
$10 discount if you have a valid concession card.

Adults Only

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