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Desolation 2: Changing Tides

Post-Apocalyptic NERF Boffer LARP R18+

(6PM May 10th – 6PM Friday to May 12th)

Desolation – Home town will be a post apocalyptic LARP set 100 years after the apocalypse.  This event is known as the desolation. The world is heavily irradiated and a strange element known to the inhabitants of the world simply as “purple” has propped up and covered the wasteland.

The Game Itself is set in a town called Hometown which is inhabited by strange mutants morphed by the mysterious Purple called the Blighted. You will be playing one of 3 factions who will be in charge of making important decisions which will shape the world. This game is a Sequel to Desolation Hometown, it is set 3 years after the events of the last game.

Each factions will have different goals and reason for being in Hometown, with each faction having a different play style as well.

  • The Blighted Towns Folk – You live in a town where instead of normal townsfolk the place is populated by mutated Blighted. These Blighted are different though, they don’t go feral and are far more stable than others like their kind. Blighted are covered in purple mutations of almost any kind imaginable, giving them strange unique abilities.

  • The Red Tide – You are apart of a violent movement who used to be Raiders from across the seas, now you have settled towns using them as forward bases to expand your territories. Tire armour, black, leathers and alot of skulls and red are the motif of the Red Tide, layered in these they are intimidating and ready for a fight.

  • The Oxford Group – You are apart of a travelling group of scientists who originated from Oxford University. This group travels the lands picking up like minded individuals who wish to learn about the world in all its glory, picking the ruins of the past and the brains of the worlds inhabitants to try to unlock the worlds secrets. Covered in Lab coats, Lab safety gear and strange cobbled together technology the Oxford Group is here to change the world for the better.

You can take a look at the event over here and also check their Facebook group for more information and a chance to peruse photographs of their costuming.  R18 game.

Location: Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre, Paris Creek Rd, Strathalbyn SA 5255

Ticket Pricing – $130 for a full weekend LARP with accomodation and food.

  • $10 discount if you assist as supporting cast.
    $10 discount if you are an ARC member.
    $10 discount if you have a valid concession card.
  • $10 discount for early bird purchases before March 1st.

Adults Only

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