ARC Inc. Public Events


Drifter’s March @ The Fringe

(17 or 18 March 2018)

(LARP Event)

An interactive Live Action event where YOU reprise the role of a wastelander living on an alien world seventy years after an apocalypse has left the land afflicted with robots, fast living “zombies”, aggressive alien fauna and radioactive hot spots. Pick a team to define your experience! Join the Scientific Crew to conduct experiments and investigate mysteries; the Ranger Squad who focus on eliminating local threats; the Independent Salvagers who are eager for fame and fortune and will do anything to get it; and the Artificer’s Union who are trying to locate special robots and repair some of the region’s protections. Bring your unmodified NERF gun or play a noncombatant as you avoid or fight off threats while solving mysteries, finding salvage and negotiating your way to victory.  R18+

Bookings available on the Fringe website.  More information available on Facebook.

March 17th *or* March 18th from 1PM – 5PM.

Location: Athelstone Scout Hall, 74 Maryvale Road, Athelstone.
TICKETS: $30 General, $25 Concession, $20 each when purchasing 6+ tickets at once.


Triway Peak

(20th – 22nd April 2018)

(LARP Weekend Game)

A mysterious radio signal coming from the top of a mountain is cause for interest indeed. Especially when no one can translate the code and it comes after a series of strange weather events on a world afflicted with murder bots and a nanite plague that turns people into monsters. Join one of three factions — those drawn to investigate the beacon from the settlements in the valley, the villagers themselves and a mysterious and secretive third group whose goals and desires are their own.

This weekend event involves secrets, conspiracies and investigations into the strange happenings occurring within the village as well as external threats that will drive those present to fight or hide. There will be boffer and NERF components as well as the opportunity to explore the grounds and a variety of rooms to learn more about the terrible mysteries that lie within.
R18+ due to horror themes, drug abuse, gore effects and the death of children (historic situations). Please contact us if you would like further information.  More information available on Facebook.
November 17 – November 19 2017 from 7 PM to Nov 19 at 5 PM

Location: Athelstone Scout Hall, 74 Maryvale Road, Athelstone.
MEMBERS (Dorm): $100 General / $80 Concession
NON-MEMBERS (Dorm): $120 General / $100 Concession

Ticket Type
Tent (Member: Concession) $50.00 AUD
Tent (Member: General) $70.00 AUD
Tent (Non-Member: Concession) $70.00 AUD
Tent (Non-Member: General) $90.00 AUD

Ticket Type
Dorm (Member: Concession) $70.00 AUD
Dorm (Member: General) $100.00 AUD
Dorm (Non-Member: Concession) $90.00 AUD
Dorm (Non-Member: General) $120.00 AUD



Dig of a Lifetime!

(9th June 2018)

(LARP Full Day Game)

The gargoyles of Mistshrewdon have started excavating a remarkable location discovered when renovations revealed ancient hieroglyphics and strange relics. An archaeological force is brought to bear with several drug-addled Prisoners Of War from an enemy nation being brought forth to help with excavations, watched by members of the Home Guard and overseen by a group of archaeologists and other important figures about town.

Then something … happens. A gate gets triggered that tears a hole between this world and the next. Spirits billow through, disappearing into the wilds, and making the local entities … angry. Following the spirits come a group of desperate Yokai, beastkin creatures from a world of pure magic, who are desperate to bring their totems happen.

While NERF will be allowed, bullets will be limited and only the guard characters will have guns. Medieval foam weaponry will not be suitable for gargoyles as it’s a WWII-style setting (use shovels, axes, wrenches and knives). *Only* medieval weaponry will be suitable for the Yokai. Combat will stun rather than defeat most of the threats in this game so feel free to play a noncombatant.  More information available on Facebook.

June 9th 2018 from 11AM – 6PM.

Location: Athelstone Scout Hall, 74 Maryvale Road, Athelstone.
TICKETS: $30 General, $25 Concession.


Breakdown Facility

(14th July 2018)

(LARP Event)

A collection of Atlantean sentient robots on a dead world are desperately trying to keep an underwater facility intact while dealing with all of the social squabbles common to people stuck together for a long period of time.  Remember to check for leaks, ensure the fuses are working, and maintain the machinery while dealing with issues both public and personal.  Very rules-lite. New players welcome.

14th July 2018 — 6PM – 11PM

Location: TBD.
TICKETS: $10 General, $6 Concession.


Multiverse Chronicle: Arrival

(17th – 19th August 2018)

(LARP Weekend Event)

Seven interdimensional planets have sent some of their best and their brightest to settle a new world to better understand the multiverse and to improve their diplomatic relations with each other. The worlds they come from differ in technological range and magical depth, from the World of Pure Science (Earth) to the World of Pure Magic (Alliant), to everything in between.

The species include:

  • Humans (basically us in 300 years).
  • Yokai (creatures of pure magic with cat, wolf, kangaroo and deer features).
  • Fae (creatures of pointy-eared whimsy from the literal wild west of magic and technology)
  • Wastelanders (humans whose grandparents were bio-engineered to survive on another world that was then abandoned during the Incident).
  • Gargoyles (winged and horned people of a dystopian land of ancient conspiracies, hidden rites and noir-esque troubles locked in the 1940s-1950s level of fashion and technology).

More information available on Facebook.

August 17 – August 19 2018 from 7 PM to Nov 19 at 5 PM

Location: Glenbarr Historic House & Camp: -35.250592, 138.883643
MEMBERS (Dorm): $120 General / $100 Concession
NON-MEMBERS (Dorm): $140 General / $120 Concession

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ARC Inc. Campaigns

ARC Inc. has a series of campaigns where you reprise the same character role over multiple sessions.  These campaigns are only open to members but you can obtain a trial membership for three months at no cost to see if you like some of our campaigns.

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