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Angorn Picture

Occupation of Lilydale

(17th – 19th November)

(LARP Weekend Game)

An R18+ weekend boffer event in a dark fantasy medieval setting where you play one of two player factions — the peasants in an occupied village or the foreign military from a starving land who have taken their land. While this is a game using boffer weapons (i.e. foam swords), this is not a game of clashing swords but a game of intense social conflict where the peasants must struggle to conspire against their new masters while the soldiers must maintain control with few casualties on either side.

The game also includes a third faction of guerilla fighters (rangers from a neighbouring country) but those who play this faction will spend the first part of the weekend in a series of rotating roles under GM direction (aka Non Player Characters). Please contact us if you are interested in playing one of these roles.  More information available on Facebook and you can purchase tickets on Eventbrite.

November 17 – November 19 2017 from 7 PM to Nov 19 at 5 PM

Location: Glenbarr Historic House & Camp: -35.250592, 138.883643
MEMBERS: $70 Concession / $100 General
NONMEMBERS: $80 Concession / $110 General




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