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Welcome to ARC Inc.!  We do what we can to support each other, recognise our volunteers and create a positive and inclusive community so that everyone can have a meaningful and enjoyable time at our events. Please note that anything which is underlined can be clicked is a hyperlink that will take you to the document in question.

Official Documentation

ARC Inc. members are expected to follow these policies and procedures at all times when engaging with our events and social media.

ARC Inc. Constitution.

As a Not For Profit, ARC Inc. is also bound by our Constitution.

Agendas and Minutes.

ARC Inc.’s agendas and minutes since our inception. Please note that we will be adding more recent ones over the next week or two and we hope to have them all up there by October.

Game or Event Feedback Form

Our Game Masters welcome critical feedback on both what went well and what went poorly for you at game. Knowing what you enjoyed helps them know where to best invest their time and what sorts of techniques to re-use and behaviours to continue. Knowing what went poorly helps them to re-calibrate their techniques, try something new or consider how various elements within the game are impacting on their players.

Triggering Content Alert Form

Some people have experienced trauma or have developed phobias significant enough to require foreknowledge of certain situations that may arise in the game.  Sometimes it’s enough to know that certain themes and situations might arise, sometimes it’s best to avoid the game completely.  While we will try to alert people as to the likely triggers involved in a game, knowing in advance what may upset people will help us either find alternatives to the content or, where an alternative simply isn’t feasible, alert the player to that fact.

In the end, the decision to attend or not to attend a game that has identified triggering content belongs to the player and is not a decision a Game Organiser can make for them.  However, it is the responsibility of the affected player to acknowledge and manage their emotions as best as they can.

Incident Report Form

Sometimes you might encounter something at a game that goes against our code of conduct and our organisational values.  Perhaps you’ve noticed cheating, experienced aggression from another player (as opposed to their character) or were bullied or harassed due to your age, gender, sexuality, race or physical ability.  If this occurs, you can use our online form to give us the information needed to pursue it.  Alternatively you can contact our ARC Support Person on

ARC Organisational Values
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