Aurora Codex

Aurora Codex is a Changeling: The Lost LARP one day session where players take on the role of Changelings and Fae Touched who have recently arrived in a cyberpunk city known as Requiem city. In a world filled with machines, cyber and biotech, Dreams are hard to come by. There is very little creativity, desire or ambition left. The Glamour is dying.

The year is 2090 and the world is different from what you know. The megacorps have taken over and people struggle from day to day just trying to survive. You are thrust into a world that is cold, cruel and without imagination.

You are a Changeling who has escaped your Keeper in Arcadia. You are finally free in Requiem City. But you are suffocating. The lack of Glamour is starving you. You need it to survive, and you don’t have enough to go back.

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Age Limit: 18+

When: To Be Determined.

Where: To Be Determined.

Price: To Be Determined.

Payment Options:

  • Purchase in cash on the day.
  • Online transfer:
    • Adelaide Roleplaying
    • BSB: 805-050
    • Account Number: 100 140 375