Born For Blood

Born for blood is a rules-lite Nordic Vampire: the Masquerade game focused on a group of people being thrown into the deep end of the vampire world. This game will involve using the sense of light, smell and taste to create a full sensory experience.

There will also be minimal physical combat involving staged fights with NERF guns and foam weapons. We will mainly use hand gestures and consent mechanics to resolve conflicts within the game.

Players select their characters from a list. Each character has their own goals and a loose back story that you can develop more fully. We’re also seeking people to play bar staff, bouncers and bartenders.

Session 1: A Night at the Haven
The first session delves into a not so well known underground alternative/goth club called Haven in Adelaide. You will jump into the shoes of unsuspecting party goers on the night of a mass embrace, an event in which a large amount of people are converted into vampires. Which vampire clans are at play are a mystery as are the players playing them.

Session 2: Who, What, Why and How?
The second session delves into new life as a vampire and learning to feed and use your vampire disciplines as well as investigating an enemy of a vampire court.

Session 3: The Rogue Prince
This session covers an assault on the enemy of the Vampire Court, fighting tooth and nail against savage vampires and ghouls.

Session Details

Price: $12 General / $10 Concession

Location: Clarendon Private Address. Email us on for more information.

Dates: 6PM – 11PM Saturday

  • 24th August
  • 14th September
  • 19th October