Caduti Di Napoli

Caduti di Napoli is a Vampire: the Requiem campaign where players join one of five vampiric factions in order to survive the dangerous backdrop of Naples in the World of Darkness. These barely controlled predators hide from humanity by playing nice with each other in regular meetings to avoid open antagonism with a complex Machiavellian dance of tradition and politics.

The city of Naples is old. Things have lived in it for years and years before the Kindred came to town, and they will remain long after. How the Kindred interact with them is their own story.

You can learn more by joining the Caduti di Naples Facebook group or reading the draft rule book here.

Age Limit: 18+

When: Monthly on Friday Nights.  7:00PM – 11:30PM.

Where: Salisbury Scout Hall – Salisbury Recreation Reserve, Memorial Ave Salisbury, SA 5108.

Price: $12 General. $10 Concession.

Payment Options:

  • Purchase in cash on the day.
  • Online transfer:
    • Adelaide Roleplaying
    • BSB: 805-050
    • Account Number: 100 140 375
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