Dancers in the Neon Dusk

Dancers in the Neon Dusk is a Changeling: the Lost campaign where players take on the role of changelings struggling to survive in a harsh cyberpunk city. There are also mysteries in the world to explore, cases to investigate, and people can make their mark through downtimes and political strategies on Detroit itself. If the changelings aren’t careful, the whole freehold could end up exposed and on the run from terrible entities bent on their destruction or return to Arcadia.

In this world of dreams and virtual / augmented reality technologies, the realm of stories has never been closer. Never before can you so readily stumble into alleys choked with hedge thorns or find doors to hobgoblin homes on sidewalks, ignored by most who pass but seen by the enlightened. Glamour is thicker now, choking nightclubs with rage and desire, and morgues with fear and sorrow.

You were once a normal human being, with a normal life, but then through the manipulations of the True Fae were kidnapped to otherworldly realms, had limbs replaced or tweaked by magic, and were fed on a diet of Something Else. Some were then booted from their realm or found a way to escape and landed back on the mean streets of Detroit – a seething metropolis on the edge of cracking wide open.

You can learn more by joining the Dancers in the Neon Dusk Facebook group or reading the draft rule book here.

Age Limit: 18+

When: Monthly on Friday Nights.  6:30PM – 11:30PM.

Where: Holden Hill Community Center – 82 Valiant Rd, Holden Hill SA 5088.

Price: $12 General. $10 Concession.

Payment Options:

  • Purchase in cash on the day.
  • Online transfer:
    • Adelaide Roleplaying
    • BSB: 805-050
    • Account Number: 100 140 375
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