Eden: The Odio Casino

The Odio Casino is a Nordic LARP set in a Sci-fi Western World focusing on a pirate Casino town known as Port Odio on an alien world known as Eden.

Port Odio may have a reputation of being a town full of chaos but the self-appointed Plank King keeps order by enforcing their two commandments. The first commandment – The Plank King’s word is final; The second commandment – If anyone attacks someone in the city, their lives belong to the Plank king.

You will play a character who has found themselves in the fortunate, or unfortunate position of being invited to trade some chips at the Casino.

The game uses simple mechanics to allow you to easily slip into your chosen role over the course of the event. We also use a combination of foam dart blasters (nerf) and foam weapons to simulate combat situations.

You can learn more by joining the Facebook event or check out the Facebook group for more information and updates.

Age Limit: 18+

When: Saturday 19th November.  2:00PM – 6:00PM.

Where: Salisbury Guide Hall – 9 Guerin St, Salisbury SA 5108.

Price: $15 General. $13 Concession.

Payment Options:

  • Purchase in cash on the day.
  • Online transfer:
    • Adelaide Roleplaying
    • BSB: 805-050
    • Account Number: 100 140 375
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