Get Involved

There are many different ways you can get involved with the local roleplaying scene.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new or very experienced, there’s always a way to get involved.  Simply contact us to learn more or click one of the following pages to learn more about:


You could become a player at one of our tabletop, murder mystery or LARP events.  We’re always looking for new players to come along and bring a fresh new perspective and style to our games and events.  Simply take a look at our line up and other local organisations and see what suits your needs.

  • Crimson Light: A Vampire: the Masquerade political game where you take on the role of a vampire or one of their blood addicted human slaves as you try to wrestle power and control from your enemies and discover what happened to all those who used to live in Adelaide.  Runs every 6 – 8 weeks and suitable for those 18+.
  • Desolation: A Post Apocalyptic LARP set 100 years after the the apocalypse. Each faction is built around one of the five stages of grief. How will you handle the apocalypse?  A weekend event for those 18 and up.
  • Kingsford School of Witchcraft: An urban fantasy game for those who have ever wished they could attend a school of magic.  Begins with two sessions that revolve around an introductory session and a train ride (both one day games suitable for those aged 16 or older) and finishes with a weekend event set in the titular school.
  • Renegade Recall: A transhumanist cyberpunk game where you are part of a resistance cell struggling to tear down the mega-corporations that control your world.  A monthly campaign.
  • The Seekers Chronicle: In the post-apocalyptic world of Lost Hope, a ragtag band of heroes struggle to fix the horrors that have ravaged their world.  A monthly campaign for those 18 and up.


Rather than portraying your own character and following your own goals, you could be given a series of special characters called NPCs (Non Player Characters) who are given extra direction by the game organisers.  You might start off as a witness to a murder, change costume and take on the role of a local thug, then finally change again and enter as a bartender who knows too much.  This can be a lot of fun if you’re unsure about how the game will work and would like a little more guidance in what to do.  Plus you get to immediately give back to the community by entertaining other players and ensuring the game works well.


Game Master!
Perhaps you’re keen on running tabletop games of a certain style and can manage a table or two during one of our tabletop days.  Or maybe you’re keen to run a little (or big!) LARP event and could use some advice and guidance.  Whatever you’re after, we’d love to hear from you.


You could volunteer to help with event logistics.  This could involve seeking out suitable venues, assisting with the transport of props and people, setting up and packing down the venue, distributing advertising materials to spread the word about certain events, or even providing the catering for an event.


Event Management!
There’s always a need to have people who can manage the overarching organisation of an event whether it involve bringing together several Game Masters and dozens of players in a tabletop day; planning a new LARP project; or setting up a series of social events for interested gamers.


Nothing makes an event more impressive than a fantastic set of props and costumes.  If you have a crafty mind, we can often use more specially built props and costumes for our NPCs to help make our environments as immersive as possible.


Do you have some interesting and exotic items that you don’t know what to do with?  Got too many tablecloths ever since your wedding?  We’re often looking for the donation of certain props, materials and equipment that will help us run events that are the best they can be.