Kingsford School of Witchcraft

Welcome to the wonderful world of magic down under. Kingsford School of Witchcraft is located in South Australia. You have been invited to join this prestigious wizardry school and we can’t wait to finally meet you!
-Headmistress Alexis Bennett

Kingsford School of Witchcraft is a rules-lite LARP being held in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.  It’s a Witchcraft and Wizardry LARP where you are able to experience what like would be like to be a student in a mystical world full of potions and magic.  This New Player Friendly game consists of three standalone stories.  You can learn more about the world and the rules in the Kingsford School Rulebook.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wizardry

Come and unlock your magically potential, choose your wand and cast your first ever spells. Start your enrolment into the prestigious Kingsford School of Witchcraft and let your inner firefly be your guide. Meet the schools best Spell Casting Professor and learn first hand what it takes to make it in this magical world of mystery.  Snacks included!

When: Saturday, June 22nd from 2PM – 6PM

Where: Athelstone Scout Hall, 74 Maryvale Road, Athelstone SA.

Price: $15 Paid At The Door.

Age Limit: 16+

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One Way Ticket To School

Join us on a magical train ride, with your fellow students and maybe even a few teachers as well, and cross your fingers.  Who knows what could happen on a normal, but definitely not normal, train journey to the Kingsford School?

When: Saturday, August 17th from 12PM – 4:30PM.

Where: National Railway Museum, 76 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.

Price: $25 Paid At The Door.

Age Limit: 16+

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wizardry

Welcome to your first days at Kingsford! I know that you are going to have an amazing semester here and we can’t wait to welcome all of our first-year students, as well as our returning second and third years!  Attend classes on magical history, alchemy and strange creatures.  Meet otherworldly brownies, eccentric teachers and fellow students.  And above all else, get to experience what it would be like to be a student at a magical school.

Your ticket price will give you accomodation in Old Woodhouse Manor, access to a variety of activities, food and drink (including a full banquet on Saturday night), your school patch and welcome letter!

For those planning on attending the weekend event, you can submit your student application (aka character concept) on the following link.  Please remember that your position is only secure AFTER you have paid for your ticket.

Kingsford School Student Application

Age Limit: 18+

When: Friday, November 29th at 5PM to Sunday, December 1st at 2PM

Where: Old Woodhouse Manor at 37 Spring Gully Road, Picadilly, South Australia


Kingsford Weekend Ticket — Early Bird


Kingsford NPC Ticket


General (Date To Be Announced): $175

Payment Options:

Online Transfer

Include your name with Kingsford, for example, Katey Kingsford

Adelaide Roleplaying
BSB: 805-050
Account Number: 100 140 375