Wanna run a game?

ARC Inc. are always looking for new Games Masters to run tabletop games at our special events, organise gamer-themed events, and write, organise and/or run new Live Action Roleplaying Games for our membership and the general public.  We’re hoping to expand our range of games by providing support and resources to those who want to see their vision made a reality.

Running a Tabletop Game

Our tabletop days give Game Masters the chance to run a game for members of the general public who are also interested in a particular setting or style.  This is a really nifty way to trial a range of new players, make some contacts and experience new play styles without having to commit to an ongoing game.  You might even meet another player, or players, who’d be a perfect match for the game you’ve wanted to run.  Contact us if you’d like to register your interest in running a game and let us know about the particular systems and settings you’d happily run and we’ll let you know when we have just the thing ready to go.

Running a LARP Game

Live Action Roleplaying Games can range from small events involving 6 participants in a room up to huge and sprawling events involving over 100 players. Some games run over multiple sessions across several years while others all occur on a single weekend or perhaps even just over 2 – 3 hours.  There are so many different themes, styles, settings and even rule books and achieving more variety on the LARP scene is one of ARC Inc.’s major goals.

So what do you get if you choose to run a LARP game with ARC Inc.?

  • Access to Public Liability Insurance covers the organisation against damages to property and third parties as well as allowing access to cheaper venue rates due to ARC Inc.’s Not For Profit status.
  • Access to our growing prop collection which includes face paints, masks, fake flowers, trestle tables and table cloths (see pictures on following page).
  • Access to ARC Inc. membership for occasional casting of NPCs as other LARPs are welcome to make casting calls to the overall membership.
  • Access to ARC Inc. advertising, assistance with logistics, advance payment for bond, and basic start up package (i.e. receipt book, snack box, cash box and $25 float).

You can look at the LARP Game Organiser’s Guide  (Document Pending) for more information and fill out a Game Approval Form when you’re ready.

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