Kingsford: Just Another Train Trip

After the events of last year’s journey to school, the Ministry ordered the train to be removed from service, pending a full investigation into the effects of the dark magicks that occurred.

The Headmaster saw that this was going to be a problem for the students next year, and went to review the conditions of some of the older trains from Kingsford’s past. This is when he stumbled across an old beauty hidden up the back, with its wards seemingly intact…

– –
Kingsford School of Witchcraft is a rules-lite/Nordic LARP being held in Adelaide, SA where you are able to experience what life would be like in a mystical world full of potions and magic.

This session serves as an introductory session for those who are interested in this style and setting of LARP. The session itself takes place just before your character arrives at school, and is the train journey to your magical year.

Our location is the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide. Please meet outside the venue where our event staff will guide you through sign in and then take you to where the event commences.

There are 35 tickets available, with the first 10 tickets sold being First Class!

Please note: House points are in play in this session.

DATE: Saturday, 27th June 2020
ADDRESS: National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide at 76 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015

TICKET PRICES (these prices include lunch):
Student $25
Teacher $25
PC/Faerie $25

NPC: contact the GM, as there are limited spaces.

Please put in your lunch orders a week before the event, there will be a google form posted with selections are available. A post will be put up leading up to the event for you to be able to do this.

Tickets are payable to the ARC Account

Please send to the following account with the reference EXPRESS_YOUR NAME
Account Name: Adelaide Roleplaying
BSB: 805-050
Account Number: 100 140 375


Train Ticket


Please make sure to email your receipt to once you have made your payment and this will secure your place and your character in the game!

Photo by Katey Fenwick