LARP-Safe Weapons


Your bow must have a draw weight of 28lbs or lower and you must use IDV foam-tipped arrows. Please note that not all games allow archery as it’s best in games with clear line of sight and reasonable distances between combatants.

Foam Melee Weapons, Throwing Weapons & Shields

You can purchase these items from Of Science & Swords. It’s best to contact either us or the business when you have decided on your equipment to ensure that it’s safe for LARP use rather than a costume piece. Safe brands include: Ateliers Nemesis, Dark Moon, Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Palnatoke.

Any soft foam ball (think stress ball) can be used for spell balls. ARC Inc. has a limited number of spell balls for sale if preferred.

While Calimacil is safe, it tends to use a denser foam in construction that is more prone to causing bruises unless you are a very light touch with your swings.

Gel Ball Guns

Gel ball guns can have cosmetic modifications but no modifications that can affect their performance. Please note that gel ball guns can only be used in events that are specifically prepared for them as all participants must wear suitable eye protection and the event must be held in a private space to prevent random passersby being struck by gel balls.


NERF guns may be modified for increased speed and accuracy but must not exceed 130fps. You must use soft-tipped NERF darts – no sucker darts, hard tips or sharpened tips.

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