Past Events 2


Angorn: Land of Sin

(LARP Campaign)

Angorn: Land of Sin is a medieval fantasy theatre LARP that follows the political situation within a land at the brink of conflict. Seven High Lords lead their respective lands each embodying one of the seven deadly sins, forced to attend a monthly council meeting by a king who is currently in hiding.  A system-lite 18+ game of political turmoil that will run on a monthly basis.  Find out more on our campaign Facebook page.



Multiverse: This Is The End

(18th November)

(MEMBERS ONLY Single Session LARP)

You are one of 12 individuals who lives in an underwater scientific research facility when the world above is struck by a nanite technology that escapes a laboratory and starts tearing across the world — floating as a mist that slowly pulls apart all organic life, plastics and some metals. You call your loved ones, hear your bosses on the surface give you final advice, and then after a week the world goes dark.  Now you are all alone. You and a few other underwater facilities too far away for you to ever visit. You lack the food to survive for month than a month. What do you do? How do you survive? Where do you go from here?


Angorn Picture

Occupation of Lilydale

(17th – 19th November 2017)

(LARP Weekend Game)

An R18+ weekend boffer event in a dark fantasy medieval setting where you play one of two player factions — the peasants in an occupied village or the foreign military from a starving land who have taken their land. While this is a game using boffer weapons (i.e. foam swords), this is not a game of clashing swords but a game of intense social conflict where the peasants must struggle to conspire against their new masters while the soldiers must maintain control with few casualties on either side.

The game also includes a third faction of guerilla fighters (rangers from a neighbouring country) but those who play this faction will spend the first part of the weekend in a series of rotating roles under GM direction (aka Non Player Characters). Please contact us if you are interested in playing one of these roles.