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A Better Tomorrow (January 2017)

(Single Session LARP)

Welcome to the Harborin checkpoint. You are one of 21 lottery winners who have won a year’s supply of food and cleaning products *and* the opportunity to be one of five lottery winners selected into superior homes in the Better Tomorrow District (Section B, Sub-Sector C1). Please present your entry tickets and passports to the checkpoint officials to commence the selection process.


Wait Out The Rain (February 2017)

(Single Session LARP)

This post-apocalyptic adventure involves a group of survivors hiding out in a cellar while a radioactive storm blasts down on the world above. If that wasn’t bad enough, most of those within the cellar are strangers with their own secrets, needs and machinations and the radiation storm is going to last all day and night. Can you survive the storm or will you go mad and run out into the night?


The Annihilation Treaty (March 2017)

(Single Session LARP)

In a strange fantastical world, four tribes of animalistic people come together to negotiate a peace treaty before the war escalates to the point of mutual annihilation between two tribes (rat folk and wolf folk). The war has already dragged on for decades and too many have died already. Two neighbouring tribes are trying to intervene — though whether for good or for ill, who can tell until the deed is done?


The Seasonal Alliance (8 April 2017)

(Single Session LARP)

After two decades of peace within their war-torn region, catfolk, wolffolk, and ratfolk come together for their first ever annual celebration of their new alliance. This is a simple adventure that explores the beauty and the confusion that comes whenever cultures collide and the exciting task of developing new traditions and re-introducing old ones through experiencing one such celebration from the inside.


We’re Not Alone (13 May 2017)

(Single Session LARP)

A message from a possibly alien vessel brings fear, mystery and not a small amount of politics and chaos to a small transport vessel on its way to the Lunar Colonies. How did it creep past your satellites and why does the message feel like it was intended for your ship and your ship alone? A psychological horror game.


Sweetwater Saloon (24 June 2017)

(Single Session LARP)

This Wild West adventure throws some of the more interesting and eccentric townsfolk into a single saloon while an alchemist mixes up some interesting substances upstairs which have some rather unintended consequences on the guests below. What could possibly go wrong?


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