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Dark Before Dawn

Vampire: the Requiem Campaign LARP

The vampire population of Adelaide had a lot to contend with in this LARP of mystical conspiracy, ancient arcanotechnology and one very persistent ghost who wanted a way out of the good doctor’s little accident that left her stuck in the middle of an ancient fort.  All’s fair in love and bloodthirsty politics with the two main factions — pagan blood ritualists and occult scientists — nearly collided in warfare on several occasions.  Still in the end they successfully resolved all of the crisis and ended up banishing the vampiric curse from Australia and getting to live on as immortal (but alive!) humans forevermore.  This campaign also had an online play-by-post format where players could post as their characters in the weeks between sessions on a forum.


Masks of Nyarlathotep (London)

Murder Mystery

This complex murder mystery was adapted from the New York chapter of the Award winning Masks of Nyarlathotep roleplaying campaign published by Chaosium.  Erica Carlyle has invited you all to her estate so that she can finally get to the bottom of this mess of conspiracy and horrors surrounding her brother’s death during an expedition to Africa.  Some of you have connived to get an invitation through means both foul and fair.  Others have been explicitly invited either because they knew the principal expedition members or were part of those who were present at Jackson Elias’ crime scene.  Perhaps to bait the hook and ensure the culprit’s attendance at the event, Erica Carlyle has declared her intention to auction Roger Carlyle’s mysterious collection of occult tomes partway through the night. 


Pathfinder Society

Tabletop Day

The Adelaide Roleplaying Community Inc. first of several planned tabletop events where each day will have tabletop roleplaying games based around different settings or systems.  The adventures put players in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and evil.  You can learn more at or join the facebook group over at

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Murder in the Fae Court

(Murder Mystery Event)

The Seelie Queen is dead! The key to the portal of Faerie is missing! In our latest murder mystery you need to uncover the two traitors (or hide your own involvement) so that you can finally return home.  Participants create their own character by answering a few simple questions during the booking process. Though not required, it is recommended that participants dress in the style of their seasonal court — Vintage (Spring Court), Military or Modern (Summer Court), Steampunk (Autumn Court) and Gothic (Winter Court). Some costume items can be borrowed.


Indie Games

Tabletop Day

The second of several planned tabletop events where each day will have tabletop roleplaying games based around different settings or systems. Monsterhearts is a game for folk who like supernatural romances, sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles.  Fragged Empires is a post-post-apocalyptic game where you play a member of a rag-tag space crew trying to survive.  Puppetland is a diceless tabletop RPG in which the players take the roles of puppets in a fairy-tale paradise gone bloodily wrong. It’s Punch & Judy taken to its logical extreme: Punch has killed the Maker of all puppets and transformed peaceful, magical Puppetland into his personal nightmare realm.

Group of LARP characters sitting on folding chairs in a hall.

Paradise Island

(LARP Campaign)

So what happens when a brand new vampire, werewolf and fae-touched changeling walk into a bar on a tropical island? They realise that they’re not alone in their crazy new supernatural world and that they now have to figure out where they stand with each other and others of their own kind.  This game follows a motley collection of supernaturals over the first six days of their transition from human to supernatural (or vice versa) as they work out who they are and what they want with only a couple of well-informed humans to guide them. There may be gaps in their knowledge but how important can that missing information be anyway?

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Axis of Ages

(LARP Campaign)

Welcome to the island of Fortuna, newly risen from the Atlantic Ocean floor and teeming with new migrants hoping to make this island their home. You are one of the Lost, a changeling on the run from your fae master, and you still bear the marks of the Arcadian realm from which you once escaped. Now you live on a flotilla next to this island trying to avoid the war that rages in secret on every country on Earth between the new Fae and the old.  This is a fortnightly campaign game set in the modern day which uses the Changeling: the Lost published setting. It involves dark horror themes surrounding kidnapping, loss of identity, and murder.

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