Path of the Warden

The Path of the Warden is a rules-lite weekender LARP set in a low-magic fantasy world where you are a student at a witcher-inspired hunter school learning how to fight back at the monsters that stalk your lands. Use foam weapons to safely fight your enemies, practice surgery, learn alchemical potions and cast simple runic magic to defeat the monsters you encounter.

You will join one of the three hunter classifications: the Ox who use mutagens to enter a beserker rage, the Serpents who use alchemy and surgery to keep their fellow hunters alive, and the Ravens who combine runic magic with their weapons to take advantage of monster vulnerabilities.

Can’t commit to the full weekend? If so feel free to contact the Page or a Game Master to organise appropriate pricing for the time you spend at the game.

You can check the Facebook group or Facebook event for more information and a chance to peruse photographs of their costuming.  The rulebook will be uploaded once it is completed.

Your ticket price will give you accommodation in Glenbarr dormitories with catering all weekend.

For those planning on attending the weekend event, you can chat to the game master on the Facebook group link above or email us directly at  Please remember that your position is only secure AFTER you have paid for your ticket.

Note: You will have to show proof of double vaccination to attend.

Age Limit: 18+

When: Friday, June 9th at 6PM to Monday, June 12th at 3PM

Where: Glenbarr Camp & Conference Centre, Paris Creek Rd, Strathalbyn SA


Players: $200 Early Bird Opens 1st September 2022 / $220 from 1st January 2023

NPCs: $130

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