Renegade Recall

Renegade Recall is an Adelaide Cyberpunk LARP set in a Dystopian future where peoples memories and personalities are stored on storage devices call Data Slates. Players play characters who are forming a rebellion on the streets of Nexus City a large man made island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Renegade Recall does not use a traditional numbers based rules system, instead it uses a Nordic based rules system that encourages cinematic and dramatic combat and interactions.

You can take a look at their next event over here and also check their Facebook group for more information and a chance to peruse photographs of their costuming.  Check out the Renegade Recall rulebook to learn more about the game.  You can also find a character document where you can fill out details of the character you would like to play.

For those planning on attending, you can chat to the game master on the Facebook group link above or email us directly at

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Age Limit: 18+

When: Monthly on Saturdays from 5PM – 11PM

Where: Clarendon, SA

Price: $10 General / $8 Concession (Includes snacks and some drinks)

Payment Options:

General Price


Concession Price



Include your name with Renegade, for example, Katey Renegade.

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BSB: 805-050
Account Number: 100 140 375