Seasonal Games Days

**Picture is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 sbszine**

ARC is excited to run regular Games Days – one for every season! – throughout 2022. Come play (or run) table top games, board games, card games or just hang out in the sofa room and chat with friends.

Let us know if you’d be interesting in Games Mastering. We’re looking for a nice range of casual to serious, fantasy to sci fi, indie to mainstream games so folks have a selection to choose from.

Once we have a few game options, we’ll let people know so they can book in.

We will have a sausage sizzle available for $2 and vegetarian burgers for $3.50. Gluten Free options available.

Events Linked Below
Autumn Games Day: Saturday April 9th – 1PM – 11:30PM
Winter Games Day: Saturday July 16th – 1PM – 11:30PM
Spring Games Day: Saturday October 8th – 1PM – 11:30PM

Ticket Costs
General – $10
Concession – $8
50% off for Game Masters!

**You must show Proof of Double Vaccination to participate.**

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