Tactical Games with ARC

Interested in tactical events where you can play a variety of gel ball games? We run gel ball games in a vineyard in Clarendon that include such fun favourites as Control point capture and defend, Capture the flag, Protect the president and Rabbit hunt.

Please note that eye protection is mandatory. These must be full goggles to prevent shots from the side of glasses. Mesh goggles aren’t allowed as it can squirt into the eye.

Gel Ball FPS (feet per second) limit of 300.

You can also join the Facebook group to learn more.

Age Limit: 16+

When: Monthly on Sundays.

Where: Miller St. Clarendon. NB: There is no street number.

Price: $5 – $10.

Payment Options:

  • Cash Tickets
  • Online Direct Debit:
    • Adelaide Roleplaying
    • BSB: 805-050
    • Account Number: 100 140 375
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