The Seekers Chronicle

This is a science fiction investigation LARP set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop filled with horror elements.  There are NERF and boffer elements but combat is only likely to occur in half of the sessions.  The chronicle follows the lives of the Seekers, members of a new organisation on the alien world of Hope (colonised by humans less than 200 years ago) who were formed to help remove a strange alien artefact causing this world’s reality to thin, contaminating people’s minds with infohazards and warping them into monsters inimical to sentient life.

These monsters include both psykers (people who can take advantage of anomalies in reality who are driven to torture and kill those around them) and Zed-Synths (colonists whose nanite-producing glands have been recoded to turn them into what are essentially living zombies intent on infecting others).

The Seekers are based off an alien space-faring organisation called the Hashin, which translates to the “Seekers of the Stars.”  Theyare headquartered at Triway Facility on Unity Peak (formerly Triway Peak). They all have some shared responsibility for Cora’s power units (as she is their facility computer). This is their home and their base of operations where they strategise, research new technology and share theories about how best to heal the world.

You can take a look at the events over here and also check their Facebook group for more information and a chance to peruse photographs of their costuming.  Check out the Seekers rulebook to learn more about the game.  There’s also a wiki full of information on the Seekers setting and mechanics.

Vacancies: There are currently no more player vacancies but there is room for cast who receive half-price tickets and who portray a variety of characters at the Game Master’s request.

Age Limit: 18+

When: Monthly on Saturdays.  Times vary.

Where: Typically in Athelstone Scout Hall or a private address in Clarendon.

Price: $10 – $25 depending on session length and catering.  Concession rates apply for those who have a valid concession card.

Payment Options:

Seekers Discord Session


Online Transfer

Include your name with Triway, for example, Katey Seekers)

Adelaide Roleplaying
BSB: 805-050
Account Number: 100 140 375

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