LARP Trap Ideas

I haven’t used some of these trap ideas myself, yet, but over the course of years of perusing various different LARP rulebooks and reading articles on their mechanics I’ve managed to gather together a variety of different trap ideas. Of course most traps involve some combination of wire and noise-maker (or mousetrap) and if you trip the wire than you take a certain amount of damage.

Acid Reservoir: This is placed within a lock box and will destroy all items within the chest if it is opened.  The Trap Card for an Acid Reservoir will instruct any would-be thieves to rip it in half to show that someone has tampered with it and that you have no goodies left.  Some lock boxes will make the acid reservoir clearly marked so that people don’t attempt to break it open.  An Acid Reservoir can also be indicated by a water balloon though be mindful not to use these in any areas that have water-soluble items.

Contact Poison: You can use petroleum jelly on an object to create a contact poison that will affect anyone who touches it.  The poison tag must be kept nearby and within sight so that the players knows how to roleplay the poison.

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