ARC Membership

The Adelaide Roleplaying Community Inc. welcomes new members who might like to join our various campaign games.  While anyone can come along to our special once off events, those who wish to participate in lengthier campaign games need to pay a small membership fee to assist us is ensuring quality events and appropriate levels of public liability insurance.  ARC Inc. members may also apply to run events and games with our support, and are allowed to vote in our Annual General Meetings.  Thus our members have a hand in the direction and development of our organisation.

When you first decide to join, you must first select a campaign you’d like to play, fill out a trial membership form and submit them to the Game Master for approval.  If approved, you have a three month free trial period where you don’t have to pay the membership fee but you may still have to pay for individual sessions.

Once your trial has expired, you will need to fill out a Gold Membership form and pay a small fee to keep playing the game.  These membership fees change depending on the initial month you join and they cover you for the rest of the financial year.

Some events don’t require membership.  For these events  you just need to sign a Participant Form.

Annual Gold Membership Fees
July – September: $30
October – December: $25
January – March: $20
April – June: $15

Annual Youth Membership Fees
July – September: $25
October – December: $20
January – March: $15
April – June: $10

ARC Inc. Silver Membership is a little different.  It has an annual membership fee of $5 and covers you for the rest of the financial year and allow you to use our public liability insurance and not for profit status when hiring venues for tabletop games.  This can sometimes allow you to obtain a regular venue for free, depending on the venues’ room hire rates.  This membership level doesn’t allow you to attend any LARP campaigns.

Why do some games require memberships and other’s don’t?

We typically only require memberships for those who are going to play in a campaign game as it doesn’t seem fair to require a membership of someone who is only going to play once or twice in a year.  Games that run for only one or two sessions typically don’t require membership unless the event is designed specifically for our member’s enjoyment.

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