The Committee

Sabrina Fitzpatrick
Chairperson & Member Secretary
Sabrina is a trans gamer and streamer who’s been into gaming ever since she first held a NES controller, and keen on tabletop games for over a decade.  She started larping in 2017 and and has gone from participant to Game Master managing her own vampire game line. In 2018 she joined the ARC committee and has gone from Member Support to Chairperson and Member Secretary. Now she’s responsible for keeping up-to-date on all things ARC-related and to help answer any questions people may have as well as managing records for all of our members and participants.

Corey Martin
He first picked up a controller when he was 3 years old, has been playing tabletop games for close to a decade and grew up with games as a big part of his life.  Since joining ARC Inc. in 2018, Corey has been an enthusiastic participant in a wide variety of game lines. Since his election in 2020, Corey has worked tirelessly to improve ARC Inc.’s financial methods so that ARC Inc. can run quicker financial reports on each game line.

Lachlan Close
Minutes Secretary and Member Support
Lachlan has been a member of ARC Inc. since attending a Come and Try day in 2016 and has been on the committee for a few years now. Its his job to track what everyone says in a meeting and to ensure our minutes go out on time. He’s taken on the role of Chief Weapon’s Trainer and is currently examining our weapon’s specification and construction guidelines so he’s your go to if you have any thoughts on those topics.

Shannon Lopez
Member Support and Media & Promotional Support
Since helping to establish ARC Inc. in September 2014, Shannon has been a continuous member of the ARC Inc. committee. She began LARPing in 2009 and has been to both local and inter-state LARP events. She has drafted many of ARC’s policies for committee approval and has run numerous games. Her current role involves maintaining ARC’s website, social media accounts and to manage enquiries through our various accounts. If you would like to submit new content or need help publicising your games, drop her a line!

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