The Committee

Kat Atkins
Member Secretary
Kat has been roleplaying in ARC Inc. since 2019 and has brought a friendly outlook and professional eye to ARC Inc.’s policies and membership records. If you have any questions regarding membership or general ARC Inc. sign in processes, she’s the person to speak to.


Lachlan Close
Minutes Secretary
Lachlan has been a member of ARC Inc. since 2016 and has been on the committee for a few years now. Its his job to track what everyone says in a meeting and to ensure our minutes go out on time.

Sabrina Fitzpatrick
Sabrina joined ARC Inc. in 2017 and has gone from participant to Game Master managing her own vampire game line. After spending some time as ARC Inc’s HR officer, she’s moved to being a chairperson. Now she’s responsible for keeping up-to-date on all things ARC-related and to help answer any questions people may have. During ARC Inc. meetings she’s the one who helps keep people on track.


Adam Lopez
HR Person
Adam helped establish ARC Inc. in September 2014 and has been on the ARC committee every year bar one. After spending time as chairperson, he’s moved into the HR position and is there to help people who are having difficulties with other players or game masters. If you have any concerns, he’s the best person to raise them with.

Shannon Lopez
Media & Promotional Support
Since helping to establish ARC Inc. in September 2014, Shannon has been a continuous member of the ARC Inc. committee. She has written many of ARC’s policies and has run numerous games. She is always willing to lend an ear to game masters wanting to set something up.

Corey Martin
Since joining ARC Inc. in 2018, Corey has been an enthusiastic participant in a wide variety of game lines. Since his election in 2020, Corey has worked tirelessly to improve ARC Inc.’s financial methods so that ARC Inc. can run quicker financial reports on each game line.