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What’s better than reading a story?

Being in one, of course.

Adelaide Roleplaying Community, Inc. is all about giving people the opportunity to get involved in roleplaying games and events, from murder mystery nights to live-action roleplaying and tabletop games.

We’re enthusiastic about games and about inviting new people to share our hobby, whether you’re an old fan or someone who’s never even heard of something like this. We also endeavour to keep our events affordable, so don’t feel like you need a suit of armour to get involved!

If you want to find out more, take a look through the rest of our website or check out our Facebook page. Even better, send us a message and ask how you can get involved. We’d love to hear from you!

We have five events ongoing and coming up:

  • ARC Battle Games: This fantasy battle game sets war bands against a variety of enemies in pitched battles to accomplish their goals. 16+.
  • Aurora Codex: This once off session is about survival in a cyberpunk dystopian world as a creature of magic, slowly starving without enough glamour to stay alive. 18+.
  • Dancers in the Neon Dusk: This cyberpunk Changeling: the Lost campaign game follows the story of an established freehold trying to get by in the World of Darkness. 18+.
  • Dervin: Tale of 5 Clans: This political campaign LARP’s focus is on a low magic setting based off of the trials and tribulations of a small country inspired by Viking culture (set roughly 800 to 1100 AD). 18+.
  • Disrupted Nights: A Vampire: the Masquerade campaign where players play either vampires, ghouls (vampire servants) or normal humans in Adelaide where they can explore, solve threats and investigate mysteries. 18+.
  • Eden Colonies: The Eden colonies is a Nordic weekender larp set in a Sci-fi Western world, focusing on the trials and tribulations of a small town of colonists called Settlers Rest on the Planet of Eden. 18+
  • The Seekers Chronicle: In the post-apocalyptic world of Lost Hope, a ragtag band of heroes struggle to fix the horrors that have ravaged their world in a series of monthly sessions.  18+. FULL.
  • Seekers Pathfinder Session 0: This standalone LARP session explores a fantasy MMO game set in the Pathfinder Universe where players take on the role of an adventurer while NPCs take on a variety of monster, quest giver and stranger roles to create a fun event. 16+.
  • Seekers Pathfinder Weekender: A semi-standalone weekender where 16 important people in a post-apocalyptic world receive a strange invitation to a new Pathfinder MMO that holds tantalising secrets to help them defeat their foe. 18+