What’s better than reading a story?

Being in one, of course.

Adelaide Roleplaying Community, Inc. is all about giving people the opportunity to get involved in roleplaying games and events, from murder mystery nights to live-action roleplaying and tabletop games.247

We’re enthusiastic about games and about inviting new people to share our hobby, whether you’re an old fan or someone who’s never even heard of something like this. We also endeavour to keep our events affordable, so don’t feel like you need a suit of armour to get involved!

If you want to find out more, take a look through the rest of our website or check out our Facebook page. Even better, send us a message and ask how you can get involved. We’d love to hear from you!

We have several events ongoing and coming up:

  • Southern Wilds: A fantasy world full of discovery and adventure. Put on your armour and fight some monsters, or trade stories in the tavern about the strange things you’ve seen.
  • The Multiverse Cycle: Many places connected by a mysterious force, each with their own conflict and troubles. The people of Lost Hope rebuild society after it was devastated by infected mutants and machines. The animalistic denizens of the Alliant – wolf-kin, rat-kin, and more – try to put the devastating wars of the past behind them. Other worlds lie out there, too, full of gargoyles, elves, and more.
  • Desolation: A Post Apocalyptic LARP set 100 years after the the apocalypse. Each faction is built around one of the five stages of grief. How will you handle the apocalypse?
  • Triway Chronical:
  • Shadowrun Adaption