LARP Links

Basic LARP Informative Articles

I’ve Seen Women Kill Gods Meet The Ladies Who LARP is an article that addresses female participation in LARPs these days *and* gives a pretty good primer on what a LARP actually is all about.

What is LARP? for when you’re not even sure what this all Live Action Role Playing thing is actually about.

Character Creation

Creating a Character talks about some of the basics of character creation, potential pitfalls, costuming and  a quick method to develop group dynamics for team-based LARPs.

How to cook up a cool character, without being ‘a special snowflake’! has a simple five step process for making an easy, believable, yet still fun and interesting LARP character.

General LARP Articles

ACCESS : LARP provides information to both organisers and players on how to increase accessibility at LARP events so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Badass LARP Talk is a series of articles that gives great advice on such things as problem character types (and how to avoid them), 3 little tricks that quickly ramp up your game and Backstory boosting mini-games you can play in the car.

Ladies Who LARP features a range of different short posts and a gallery of pictures showcasing, you guessed it, female LARPers.

LARP Writer / GM Articles

3 GM Tips To Help You Run provides a general timeline and set of milestones to help you set up a planning schedule.

Being a Non-Player Character goes over some of the requirements and techniques of portraying a really good NPC that helps improve the game.

Dealing with the Artistotelian Curse discusses how to manage multiple protagonists (i.e. PCs) in a game.

Debriefing Intense LARPs 101 has articles on how best to incorporate debriefs after game to help players handle more intense emotions.

LARPcast postcasts largely focus on fantasy boffer LARPs with players going out on modules. Still a lot of knowledge here that can be transferred to other LARP styles.

Managing the Ops Room provides a good overview and description of the different function of a room devote to sending out plot in the form of NPCs.

Plot Structure of LARP goes over a variety of different ways LARPs can run, each with a different style and framework.

Storyteller Guidelines and Recommendations focuses on generating plot for weekend events that use a lot of NPCs.

So You Want To Write A LARP is an interesting youtube video covering a LARP writing workshop. It covers a lot.

Useful Prop Tools

This faux hacker mini-game creates letters as you type and therefore allows people to look like hackers as they type away.

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