How old do I have to be to play?

ARC Inc. events can range from seven years and over. Each event has its own age rating depending on its levels of mature content.  Children under the age of 16 typically need a parent or guardian’s presence at the event.  Anyone under the age of 18 need to provide a signed parental permission slip per event or campaign game.

A fellow organisation called Beyond the Sunset is a local organisation that runs games suitable only for those above the age of 18 due to horror scenarios and adult themes.

What’s a campaign game?

A campaign game is a sequence of interlinked LARP adventures all using the same setting or characters.  Although you aren’t required to attend multiple session, it is often expected that you will aim to do so.  You don’t have to attend every session with many players participating according to their own schedules.

What do I need to know before I go?

You need to know what sort of characters would suit the game and the sort of activities you will get to undertake.  After all, its no good signing up for a political LARP if you can’t stand rivalries and jockeying for position nor will you have much fun at a game involving a lot of puzzles if you prefer to spend your time hitting monsters with boffer weapons. 

You’ll also need to know if there are any specific costuming requirements as some games have quite low expectations while others will expect very detailed and precise costumes and makeup.  Finally you’ll want to know if there are any themes present that would disturb you. 

Perhaps you don’t want to deal in games involving addictions or you really fear clowns.  If that’s the case you really don’t want to sign up for a gritty portrayal of depressed clowns (in their costumes) at a drug rehab center.

Do I need to know all the LARP rules?

That depends.  Some games will require a more detailed knowledge of the rules than others, but most understand that full rules knowledge takes time to achieve.  It’d be a rare LARP that would expect a new player to come with full understanding of the rule book.  There are also some events that are rules-lite and only have a few mechanics that are quite easy to learn. 

Don’t worry, though, as those LARPs with dense rule books will have plenty of rules assistants around who can help you.  All you need to do is have a quick perusal of the rule book and an idea of the sorts of things your character can do (i.e. hacking) even if you don’t know how the mechanics support it (i.e. precisely how the rules regarding hacking works). 

It can help to re-read any important rules before game for the first few sessions or even practice it at home until you get the hang of it.

What should I bring to a game?

This depends.  In a camp out LARP you will need to bring far more items and equipment (i.e. food, costume and shelter) while a four hour game might only require a costume (if that).  It really is best to ask the Game Master about any expectations here.

I have a question not covered here.

Please contact us with any questions and we’ll do our best to help you out.
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