February 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to ARC’s first mailing list newsletter!  We have an exciting year ahead with a multitude of LARPs, some locked in, some ready to go, and some still in their preparation phase.  We even have a variety of more social events for members and participants alike.  If you’d like to know more, just click on the link in the event title or email us back with your questions.  And never forget you can also find a lot of this information and more at our website – www.arc-adelaide.com.au or chat about events, costuming and life on either the Facebook Hub or our Discord channel.  

If you’d like to get little pop ups and email reminders for the games you’re attending, you can always sign up to them on Google Calendar.  Please note, though, that Game Masters do not check Google Calendar to figure out who is or is not coming so we recommend still clicking on Facebook events or otherwise alerting Game Masters whether you’ll be going to that game.  *Especially* if it’s your first time going.  Google Calendar is simply a tool for a player’s personal use.

Please Note: You must be double vaccinated to attend ARC Inc. Events.

ARC Battle Games

Fun Regular Events

ARC Battle Games is just what it says on the tin!  Come along with your LARP safe foam weapons, join a warband and hit each other in a variety of game types that are designed to give you an amazing time in quasi-medieval costume.  Don’t have any LARP safe weapons?  That’s A-OK.  You can hire some!  Don’t have the costume you need?  Also fine.  Wear a plain shirt and pants until you can pick something up online or sew something simple.  This is an amazing experience with several dozen combatants on the field each game.  Highly recommend!  Monthly Saturdays.

Seasonal Game Days happen once a season (i.e. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer) and are run by ARC’s Member Support to provide a chance for people to hang out and play some tabletop games, card games or board games.  If you’re interested in running a table as a Game Master or Card / Board Game owner, let us know!  But if you just wanna hang out in the couch area and chat, you’re more than welcome to as well.  1PM – 11:30PM: April 9th, July 16th, October 8th 2022.

We also have other social events in the planning stages from LARP GM seminars and roundtables to ARC Organiser Hangouts during National Volunteer Week to picnics in costume.  If you have any ideas for social events, or would like to run one yourself (if a member), then please let us know!

The Eden Colonies

Live Action Roleplay Events

Kingsford School of Witchcraft: Camp Clemency follows a group of students at a magical university who, for whatever reason, failed to succeed in their classes!  Now they have to get their grades up in Camp Clemency.  This weekend LARP will be full of mystery and mayhem, study and shenanigans, as our resident witches and their magical teachers deal with summer camp.  September 23rd – September 25th.

Eden Colonies is about a town on a faraway planet that has recently thrown off the yoke of corporate control and must find its place in a world of alien ruins, strange fauna and clashing runner crews.  This sci fi western game has a touch of inspiration from Firefly and a touch from Outer Worlds.  So strap in for a weekend LARP and enjoy the wild ride!  June 10th – June 13th.

Caduti Di Napoli is a brand new Vampire: the Requiem game that pits five factions of vampires in opposition to stranger things against the thrilling backdrop of Naples in the World of Darkness.  You can join the noble hierarchies of the Invictus, the rabble rousing change-makers of the Carthians, the wild-hearted ritualists of the Circle of the Crone, the judgemental might of the Lancea Sanctum or the occult secret societies of the Ordo Dracul in this monthly campaign.  Monthly Saturdays.

Disrupted Nights is entering its second season but has plenty of room for brand new cainites.  This monthly Vampire: the Masquerade game has a plethora of intriguing vampire clans you can play who are pitted not just against each other but must face off against werewolves, hunters and strange problems with time itself.  Come check out this monthly game!  Monthly Fridays.

Dancers in the Neon Dusk is also entering a second season but it’s sandbox vibes make it easy for new players to join in.  This monthly Changeling: the Lost game is set in Detroit’s cyberpunk future where megacorporations rule the world and True Fae schemes entrap their former servants.  Play those once kidnapped humans who gained magic in their slavery, now called changelings, as they strive to make a place for themselves in an uncaring world.  Monthly Fridays.

The Seekers Chronicle is wrapping up in April and thus isn’t accepting new players but let’s spare a moment to consider this game of intrigue, puzzles and wild frenetic battles against psykers, zeds and robots using NERF, foam swords and shields!  It’s been a wild four years but now it is time for it to finish up.  Good luck, Players!  Here’s hoping you avert any future apocalypses by casting the Shard outta the solar system!

We have other games in the pipeline from a fantasy combat game set in a Pathfinder MMO (as in you play a character who is playing an avatar in a video game) to zombie survival to a romantic dance in an invented culture.  Stay tuned to hear more!

Dark Before Dawn (2015)

Volunteer Opportunities

Blog Writers: Our website loves content!  Got an article in mind on your game experiences?  Want to provide advice for new players?  New Game Masters?  Submit them to us at adelaideroleplayingcommunity@gmail.com

Photographers: We always love getting photographs of games and events from our players that we can pop on our Facebook Page, share in the applicable Groups and even use in promo materials!  Just make sure you pass the photos by your GM before sharing them as some players have not consented to appear in photographs posted online.  When sending in photographs, please use the email address (adelaideroleplayingcommunity@gmail.com) or send through a file sharing program such as Google Drive as Facebook tends to compress pictures.


ARC Inc.

ARC Inc. Committee: The Adelaide Roleplaying Community Inc. is a Not For Profit set up to promote and encourage roleplaying throughout the general community and to facilitate the creation of games, particularly LARPs, through advice and access to resources.  The committee meets regularly to organise supportive resources for players and event organisers, manage social media and promotion, store props, costumes and equipment, arbitrate conflicts, deal with disciplinary actions and foster a positive and inclusive community.  You can learn more about the committee, our positions and who deals with what on our committee page on the website

Feedback: Have any feedback on ARC’s policies, role descriptions, etc.?  Got a cool idea for how the committee can better support Games Masters?  Got any cool ideas that we can add into the next newsletter?  Contact Adam Lopez, Member Support, at arc.inc.help@gmail.com or use the Suggestion Box on the website.

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