13 MORE Tips On Being A Better LARP Player

There are some things you can do that will especially help out your Game Master in running a fun game, maintaining a good relationship with their venue and keeping the players around you happy and involved.

These focus on out-of-character behaviours that can really help the game experience. If you’d like to read the earlier article, check out 13 Tips on Being A Better LARP player.

  1. Don’t litter.  Pick your spell balls and arrows up off the ground and put your trash in the bin.  If you see someone else’s equipment on the ground and they’re not around, pick it up and bring it back to the base.  They might have missed it in the undergrowth.  Leaving the location in a better state than we found it helps everyone have a better experience and assists us in future venue hires.
  2. If you already know the answer of a puzzle or riddle from an outside source (i.e. you have encountered the riddle before in a videogame), let the others have a chance to try to solve it before you just walk up and solve it.  If no one else seems interested, or can determine the answer, than you can go along and solve it.
  3. Help us set up and pack down the event.  Most people do this, which is fantastic, but the more the merrier.  The less time we spend in set up and pack down, the more motivated we will be to bring extra props and decorations.
  4. Spoiler Warning!  Some players don’t want to know until their characters know.  Give them the chance to discover things in-game and avoid boasting of your epic feats out-of-game unless they’ve told you they’re happy to hear it.
  5. Accept preferred gender pronouns — whether in-game only or in the real world.  If you use the wrong pronouns, simply apologise and try better next time.  Please don’t get defensive or spend a long time apologising.  Mistakes happen.  Acknowledge it and move on.
  6. Maintain personal hygiene.  It’s hard to ignore strong odours so please bathe and wear deodorant before you attend an event.  If this is a weekend camping trip that doesn’t possess a shower than we kindly request that you bring wet wipes to ensure you stay fresh.
  7. Take care of your health.  Remember to put on sunscreen, stay hydrated and rest when you need to.  Remember to eat before the session so that you’re not running on fumes.
  8. If someone hits you hard, assume they didn’t mean to do it and let them know that it has occurred — preferably after the combat unless it’s a particularly hard hit or there’s been more than one.  If someone tells you that you have been hitting hard, thank them for being honest with you and be more conscientious of your technique.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment so don’t take it personally — just change the behaviour and maybe take a rest if you’re hitting hard because of adrenaline.
  9. If you really must discuss the latest television show or your weekend’s activities you should take such discussion away from other players and return to in character talk when other players approach you.  Where possible try to keep anecdotes and jokes to things your character might think to reference.
  10. If you would like to discuss the special effects, please wait until after the session is over.  Nothing sucks the energy out of the game more than pointing out those mirrors or referring to the smoke machine.
  11. Stay legal.  Don’t steal from other players, provide alcohol to children (i.e. under-18s), or use illegal substances.  Don’t drink alcohol at an event unless we have otherwise given permission.  Some venues don’t allow alcohol and the game might be banned from that location if people drink alcohol there.
  12. Never bring a real weapon into the game.  Ever.
  13. When playing a boffer LARP where mock battles are conducted, please enjoy your battles outdoors, not inside.  Many games decorate indoor areas with far more detail (and fragile objects) than anywhere else which means there’s far more opportunities to break something.  Therefore you shouldn’t fight indoors unless cleared to do so by the Game Organisers during the opening speeches.  If you are cleared to do so, pay especial attention to any expectations — perhaps you may only do so in duels in a specific area or perhaps you still can’t run about or dodge hits.

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