Kingsford’s Back!

🌟 guess who’s back 🌟


As you may have seen, we are back! with a few changes~

Kingsford has been given the go-ahead to run a new weekender in 2022, which we as a GM/ST team are super excited about!

This post is an introduction to some of the team behind this game and the positions they will have during the lead up to and during the event itself!

Game Story Teller – Katey Fenwick

I am the Story Teller for this, so anything to do with the plot is all of my ball game. Organising everything in the lead up to the event and making sure that things run smoothly during the event. So if you have any questions in the lead up to the event or during, you can come to me.

Player Game Master – Sabrina Fitzpatrick

Her job will be helping players confirm their character before the game, work with you to organise everything you will need in the lead-up and will be there on the weekend to support you guys as players if needed.

We can’t wait for you guys to see what we have planned for this year and I hope that you guys are just as excited.

Keep your eyes out for more posts soon with more information about the event, dates, applications, policies and tickets that will be coming out in the coming weeks.

You can email us on or visit the group over here to learn more.

From the Kingsford Team,

stay magical 🌌

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