Eden Colonies LARP In-World History

Since the last game there was a 5 year time skip. In this time much has happened on the Eden Colonies. The Mega corporations have weakened in power, new global powers have arisen and the tensions are high.

Here is a sneak peak of the timeline in the last 5 years.

2355 – Massive Inc collapses –

After struggling for years and pressure from the syndicalists, Massive incorporated let go of hundreds of thousands of employees, at the same time abandoning hundreds of border towns, under the guise of downsizing. This loss of leadership and vacuum of power was quickly seized by Edison Space Services and the syndicalists.

Massive Incorporated were able to survive after losing a significant amount of their assets but their control over their workers and general power base on Eden took a significant hit.

2356 – Union of Independent Border Towns announces freedom from Corporate rule.

Without their corporate overlords, hundreds of towns were left in the dark, though assisted by the Syndicalists, Runners and Nomads they were able to survive, even thrive. The Border towns then agreed to work together. With the Syndicalists help they created the Union of independent Border Towns or UIBT and publicly announced freedom from corporate rule.

The UIBT is an organisation that helps facilitate diplomacy, communication and trade between the border towns no longer not under corporate control. The Border towns are now a haven for Nomads, Runners and those who wish to forge their own path.

2356 – Rise of the Eden Alliance –

During the collapse of Massive Inc plenty of their assets were left to rot. Edison Space Services seized the opportunity to expand their assets by either purchasing or acquiring them through force. After consolidating their power Edison Space Services renounced their membership with the CCC (Corporate Colony Court) and renamed themselves the Eden Alliance. They believe that to survive on Eden the human race must work together and the needs of the many must be put before the needs of the few.

2357 – Fall of the Corporate Colony Court –

WIth the loss of power from MassiveIincorporated and Edison Space Services, the Corporate Colony Court took a huge hit to their stability, not to mention the pressure from the UIBT which now has enough buying power to strong arm the corporations into submission. With their grip loosened on the Colony and many of the corporations afraid of themselves collapsing the CCC was disbanded, with the resources used to maintain the CCC used to keep the surviving Corporations afloat.

2358 – Runner code revised, the Freebooter is born –

After working closely with the UIBT for some time the Runners adopted a new code which frowned upon the lying, cheating and stealing ways of some of the more free spirited runner types. This led to a large number of runners quickly getting their third strike, though instead of surrendering to their ill gotten fate they split from the runners and became the Freebooters.

Freebooters are runners without a code and pretty much do anything for a job, no matter who they are working for or who they are up against. They are actively shunned and even hunted by Runners, especially if they have a bounty on their heads, which they usually do.

2360 – Freebooter gangs running rampant –

News across Eden that Freebooters are starting to organise into large pirate gangs and their presence has gone from nuisance to a serious threat to the denizens of Eden. Largest of these groups are rumoured to have seized military ships from the Eden Alliance and serious bounties are on their head.

If you’d like to learn more about the game, you can check it out here.

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