Eden Colonies FAQ

What is the Eden Colonies?

  • The Eden Colonies is a nordic inspired weekend LARP set in a “Western Frontier Sci Fi” setting, focusing on the trials and tribulations of a small border town in an interplanetary colony called Eden.

What will game play look like?

  • Over the course of the weekend you will be put into the shoes of an interplanetary colonist on the frontier. You will fill a role inside the town, or as visitors to the town, with a largely reactionary and player driven play style.

Game system?

  • We will be using a range of nordic consent mechanics, the game itself will be non numerical with no hitpoints or anything like that. There will be workshop before game to practice the mechanics and game system.

When will the game be?

  • We are looking at at the 10th to the 13th of June 2022.

Sci-fi western? What does that mean?

  • Basically the aesthetics and themes of westerns with a large focus on frontier life with a sci-fi twist.

Will there be factions/backgrounds?

  • Yes, the townsfolk, DSRG and “out of towners” (Runners, merchants etc). More information on backgrounds will be in the new updated rule book.

Will there be combat?

  • Yes there will be combat at the game, but it is not a focus like heavy combat games like Desolation. We will be using nerf guns and approved foam weapons throughout the game.

Is this a combat mandatory game?

  • Yes, but we will be creating a few mechanics to help those that wish not to be attacked to avoid it. These will be de-escalation mechanics and a surrender mechanic.

The story?

  • The story of the game will focus on the trials and tribulations of the town set 5 years after the previous game, as well with a focus on discovery, creation, hard choices and change.

There was a previous game, how will that affect this one?

  • One thing we are trying to do is each game can be seen as its own standalone story. With the actions in the last game building on the lore of the world, but not forming the plot. New players will not need to know who did what and exactly what happened during the last game to have an enjoyable experience

My previous character can I bring them back?

  • Yes, but you will need to create a character in the same manner as we did last time. As well your character may not have the roles, positions, items as they did last time.

Will there still be applications for roles in the game?

  • Yes, and we will be filling in those roles after we have released the new rulebook. The roles will be similar to the previous game, though the story behind a lot of the roles has been put into the hands of the players.

GM notes – The previous game was a bit of a prologue, setting up the world that most of the games will be in. Now things are up and running we are putting a lot more power into the hands of players to create and sculpt the town and even the world of Eden Colonies. This means we will be a bit more flexible in character creation and the flexibility of the characters of the special roles.

Any other questions let us know!

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