The Eden Colonies

This is an original western-styled frontier and sci-fi larp that has been inspired by the “Outer Worlds” video game and the TV series, “Firefly”. This larp is about surviving on the outskirts of civilization, in a small colony settlement run by the corporations who colonised the planet.

Players will get to play out their character’s daily life and experience what it’s like living in a dangerous unfamiliar world with little supplies, while being stuck between unyielding corporations and total wilderness.

We aim for this LARP to be very rules light and heavily story driven by the players. We strongly encourage players to approach the Game Master (GM) Team with ideas for story and/or props they would like to bring into the game.

We are currently busy working on the next game and boy am I excited to get the next event up and release the updated rulebook (hopefully soon).

By we I mean the new GM team of Eden Colonies, last game it was me, Tom, and Nicola who more informally managed various portions of the game. But for our sanity we have brought a new member onto the team and have split the jobs more evenly instead of putting too much on one person.

Myself (Tom) will be the Head/Story GM I will be managing the event as a whole and also writing and managing the story as a whole in game. Working closely with both the NPC and PC GMs.

Nicola will be our Player character (PC) GM, helping with character creation, PC roles and PC management in the game. So she will be your first point of call with issues in the game on site as a player, as well as working closely with those with special PC roles.

Lachlan will be our Non player character GM, managing the NPCs and encounters during the game as well as creating a lot of the NPC based experiences during game.

Hopefully with our powers combined we can make a great next game for you all. News on which we will be updating you all on soon!

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