Kingsford GM Introductions Part 2

🌟 and one more enters the fray 🌟

I would like to welcome and introduce the final member of our organisational team from Camp Clemency this year, the NPC GM!

Kaliska is an irregular face around ARC, mostly because of the long commute. He will be handling NPC schedules, coordinating NPC briefing and debriefing, and of course occasional plot points. Already a long-standing storyteller, with over too many years of experience, both in LARP and Tabletop gaming, Kal has worked with a number of small and large games studios in the world and narrative development. We hope he won’t break anything valuable.

And with that, we are closer than ever to having our event up for this year’s game and we can’t wait for you guys to immerse yourselves in this magical world with us once again!

Remember if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our email

From the Kingsford Team,

stay magical 🌌

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