NPC Characters at Kingsford

🐇 they aren’t always what they seem 🐇

Similar to the normal Kingsford School of Witchcraft game, we are looking at having some amazing NPC characters running around the grounds of Camp Clemency causing some mischief.

Most, if not all, of our NPC players, have a main Fae character that they will help design with our NPC GM. This is how they will be for the majority of the weekend.

You will be required to change out of that main character on occasion to fit any scenes that will be going ahead, but you will be told of this with as much notice as we can!

As an NPC, you are the ones giving information to the players. Putting forward the story, giving clues, and helping advance whatever schemes that they have going during the weekend.

Similar to teachers, our NPC will have a reduced ticket price! We haven’t finalized our budget 100% yet, so prices will be released once the event is live!

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in then keep your eyes out for when applications open!


We also have an open position in our GM team for this year, that being the NPC GM!

The role contains helping create and facilitate the plot, organizing NPC shifts before the game, communicating with NPCs before and during the game, and helping with general GM duties.

If this is something that you would be interested in, please get in contact with either myself, Sabrina or chuck us an email!

We are getting super close to having the event and tickets open for you guys, so please be patient with us!

If you have any questions, either comment here or send us an email at

stay magical 🌌

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