Eden Faction Spotlights

These are the three factions available to players of the Eden Colonies LARP Weekender. You can join the conversation about it over here.

Settlers Rest Townsfolk Faction Spotlight 

The Settlers rest faction makes up the bulk of the players in the Eden Colonies larp. They are also the most diverse lot in terms of gameplay with one thing in common, a job which the players fulfil.

The jobs range from medical staff, town posse, bartender and pretty much anything you can come up with. We will work with you and help you create your job and role in the town, to help you make your mark in the game.

Many of the roles will have you be in important and needed positions allowing you to meet and interact with a large number of players and NPCs.

Distant Stars Research Group (DSRG) Faction Spotlight 

The DSRG faction is another large presence inside of Settlers rest, they run a small research outfit in the town comprised of corpers. They supply the bulk of work for Runners in the town, getting them to explore ruins, protection for researchers and anything else they need.

This faction is good for players who enjoy minigames, puzzle solving and roleplaying scientific research. Also this faction is great for new players and players who prefer to have a focused driven plot.

As well you will be interreacting heavily with every faction in town, to get help with research, building strange devices and buying supplies.

DSRG members can be researchers, engineers, medical staff and guards.

Out of Towners Faction Spotlight –

The out of towners faction makes up the travellers who move through settlers rest, the bulk of these are Runners though small groups of Nomads, Corpers and merchants usually fill in the rest.

This faction will have you entering the game as a new comer to the town, great for players who are interested in exploring the world and learning things as their characters do.

A bulk of the gameplay will focus around the reason you are in the town, if your a merchant your here to buy and sell goods. If you are a runner you are here to take and complete a range of jobs.

We will be making the process of getting jobs, getting ready for jobs and completing them an involved and fun process. They won’t always be as straight forward as they seem and decisions will need to be made.

Do you spend the extra cash around town to make the job easier? Or do you risk it hoping you don’t get shot to pieces.

This faction can be extremely flexible, while most will join as runners we are happy to work with you to create a fun experience in the Eden Colonies.

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