In this event, you will find details about the weekend event going ahead this September, including ticket prices and when they will be released.

Not much more I can say about this one, I am just excited for you guys to come back to this world of mystery and magic.

Remember, if you have any questions you can send us an email at

How about this, I’ll leave you with a poem. Here is your flavour text for the game, good luck!

From the Kingsford Team,

stay magical 🌌


Don’t believe that the amulet is light?
The amulet is dark beyond belief.
Now subdued is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the amulet is evil.

Pay attention to the apprenticeship,
The apprenticeship is the most traditional post of all.
Never forget the time-honoured and orthodox apprenticeship.

Pay attention to the antigonus,
The antigonus is the most zany general of all.
Never forget the cockamamy and humorous antigonus.

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