Saturday Cregan

We woke up early shortly after dawn and though several of us wanted to sleep in, as one rose so did others until there was a chain reaction of everyone getting up barring the Alpha and the Arvan slave. We were out before the Godegians were up. Dmitri, a trueborn Alpha who was more powerful than Rhaegar, arrived and we Cregans scrambled to keep him happy. He told us to awaken Rhaegar and so we did so.

Dmitri accused Rhaegar of being a weak dog, challenged him to an honour duel, beat him and then left him alive — taking him as a slave!  Unfortunately Cregan slaves could still hold their original position so he remained our Alpha.  My Arvan slave had made Dmitri a glorious silver greatsword which he used for the battle — he then broke off part of the crossguard and quietly gave it to me.  He instructed me to kill Rhaegar should he kill any more Cregans or too many more villagers.

My Arvan slave then attacked Rhaegar, accusing him of being less of a Cregan than himself, but he was easily beaten down.  I would have killed him myself, though I were proud of him, but Dmitri said we needed good smiths so instead I took him into the cellar to hurt him enough to make Rhaegar less angry with me.  Since I was proud of my Arvan slave, I told him the scars would make him more Cregan and I marked him with a knife in the same places that pyromancer marks us before battle.  I asked him if he had enough silver to make a small knife, and he said that he did.

Other highlights:

  • Having to be the more reasonable Cregan because it’s hard to tie consequences to causes when people were being randomly brutalised.  Trying to convince the villagers to police their own by threatening their family members.
  • Seeing Rhaegar attack and break the limbs of a Cregan who had refused to follow him — and going up to stab him a dozen times in the chest with the silver dagger. He was so shocked he writhed in pain without being able to draw his sword.
  • Knowing that being a purely mortal and non-magical Alpha would get her killed, but feeling too duty-bound to avoid taking on that role after she slew Rhaegar. Then trying to maintain control with only four other known Cregans (only ones remaining from the original pack) with additional reinforcements coming who were unknown to her.
  • My Arvan slave dying in the barracks, stabbed multiple times, when he came across a defiant slave who was trying to steal from us.  He’d stabbed her once but she shivved him multiple times because he found her stealing from the chest.  Seeing my favourite slave dead, my character had her tortured and horribly killed in front of everyone.
  • Dealing with a Taelan merchant who came around to sell drugs.  It was funny because I had played a Taelan High Lord in a previous campaign, so I felt out-of-character protective toward him and felt a real sensation of horror upon his arrival.  Pushing those feelings to one side so that I could be ready to slay him easily — though since he wasn’t a Godegian he was given better treatment by everyone.
  • The Avarician tax collector arriving and getting all my pack drunk while I was in the attic sorting out family trees for the entire village from the priest and mayor so that I could promise punishments to loved ones, rather than individuals, to reduce their feelings of bravery.
  • The alcoholic torturer being found drunk at her post at the barracks and telling her off alongside a known war hero Cregan that had just arrived.  She challenged the war hero with her dagger, he had a sword, and after she was critically wounded she refused healing and wandered off.  When the apothecary confronted her by the cellar stairs, wanting to heal her, the torturer pulled away and the character fell down the stairs and died.  No one really believed that’s what happened but Evzenia needing the apothecary as a replacement let her live.
  • Finding out that the pyromancer and her baby were wanted by a head pyromancer of the priesthood who fathered it and that he had put out a bounty on both their heads. Deciding to instead kill the bounty hunter after speaking to a pack-mate….  Finding the Godegian priest had already slain the bounty hunter by snapping his neck (she’d thought the man had been pushed down the stairs).
  • Getting the Taelan to escort the pyromancer dressed in the plain clothes of a scout to his ship. The official story is that he had promised a bounty for his freedom and that we had sent her to collect.  The truth was that I wanted her to be able to escape.  She was pretending to be a random Cregan and had to leave her baby behind which I promised to watch over.
  • When someone asked what happened to the pyromancer, I told the Cregans that she had gone to collect a tally of surviving villagers in surrounding farms.  A Cregan ranger said that he’d send someone to help her later on.  When he was later found dead, I assumed it was due to the pyromancer and didn’t realise that we had a traitor Cregan in our midst.
  • The pyromancer’s baby had his hair dyed black with charcoal wash and was given to the apothecary and the Valbian ranger to look after. It was claimed to have been picked up from a neighbouring farm.
  • Being challenged by the war hero to an honour duel for Alpha, winning, and getting us both healed by the priest who had secret powers that involved transferring injuries to corpses. The war hero than had to head off to help control the outlying farms.
  • Now down to only two trusted Cregans (one of them a pup) and a few random Cregans from elsewhere.  I failed to maintain control of the pack or the village.
  • Being told by the mayor that the new Cregan ranger and a suspicious slave were getting awfully close and that I should keep an eye on that. Telling the ranger that very rumour because I didn’t believe it.  The ranger thought the apothecary and the Valbian had told the secrets he’d given them in confidence and so he slew them and was killed in turn.  The Godegian he’d wanted to protect fled but was later slaughtered.
  • Having the pyromancer’s dead baby brought to me (represented by a doll) moments after my remaining pack-mates telling me I needed to get the village under control.  The baby had died in the brawl.  Looking at the two remaining pack-mates plus the one random who spoke of desertion and realising that regaining control now was impossible.
  • Hearing that the Alphas were coming to remove me, and assuming that I would soon be tortured for taking the position and failing to do it credit.  Knowing I couldn’t defeat a full Alpha, I thought to prevent my torture….
  • Taking the baby to a shadowy spot, laying it down to rest, pressing my spear into position in a tree and then trying to remove my cuirass for about ten minutes.  I got down to two clasps that I just couldn’t remove on my own so I returned to the barracks, lied about why I needed it off, and then left the cuirass and gambeson there.  Then I returned to the shady spot to throw myself on my spear.
  • Kneeling with the spear in position as the pack of Cregans wishing to challenge me walked past without seeing me.  The Alpha turned out to be a regular Cregan like my character but she was already dead.  Waiting there for about twenty minutes until people were sent to find me and dragged my corpse to the yard before the chapel.
  • As a corpse, watching the pup being forced to eat my heart after agreeing to serve the new Alpha. Watching his father refuse and be made to sit with the slaves.  Watching the wannabe defector refuse and be killed.  And that was the end of Evzenia’s story….

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