Friday Night Cregan

Evzenia’s story began on a dirt road, representing the path to Lilydale, with the rest of her pack while the villagers were searching for a local woman who had killed her violent husband.  Our Alpha, Rhaegar, sent Evzenia and the Pup (a brand new Cregan who had yet to achieve his first kill) over to scout around to find out how many fighters were present.  We were spotted almost immediately by a Godegian who was standing on the stairs to the chapel and who put out the call that Cregans had been spotted.

We legged it back to our Alpha, and then stormed the village as a group, striking down the guards.  In order to assert dominance over the villagers, Rhaegar pulled Jack’s wife (a character doomed to die) to the front of the group and butchered her brutally before Jack’s very eyes.  He then took the defiant Jack in chains and disappeared with him for more interrogation while Evzenia looted the remaining Godegians of their jewellery and coin and other Cregans threatened to kill them if they didn’t remove their necklaces quickly enough.

PLEASE NOTE: This game dealt with simulated torture and simulated combat only.  This was typically dealt with through theatre-style punches that didn’t connect and the use of foam weapons that were reacted to as though they were real.

Later highlights that night included:

  • Leaving the Pup to guard the villagers for ten minutes and he slashed the mayor’s face to prove his power. The mayor’s player put on a fake cut that she wore for the rest of the weekend.
  • Being given a slave to break and being told that it should only take twenty minutes while my character, the Binding Wolf, knew it’d take weeks.
  • Villagers being threatened and beaten for the smallest insults, even when doing so would make them poor workers on the farms the following day.
  • Cregans literally getting in each other’s face to psychologically beat one another down. Sometimes it actually turned violent.
  • Rhaegar having to kill a Cregan who refused to bend the knee to him.  That Cregan also called him a coward for killing the last Alpha in his sleep.
  • Searching for weapons that had been hidden about by the Godegians and finding nothing.
  • Forcing the Valbian ranger to search for the missing key to the barracks by holding his wife, an apothecary, hostage.
  • Making the Godegians carry mattresses into the barracks so the Cregans could sleep in the same room as all the treasure and loot.
  • Being told to torture the Mayor while a brutalised Jack was in the cellar with us but deciding it would be better to coerce the Mayor into thinking me the more reasonable one. So I told her to feign torture and scream really loud, and I just hit her a couple times in the shadow of the cellar arch, while Rhaegar occasionally sat on the steps and listened.  If he had actually come down, the torture would have had to turn true.
  • Dragging my character’s Arvan slave around by the chains, knowing that he was actually loyal to us and typically treated as one of us, but whom we bruised and chained so that the Godegians would attempt to draw him into their conspiracies — allowing him to then inform on them to us.
  • Being given a Godegian slave who had only recently been caught at around 11PM that night (player rocked up late) and having to deal with the pyromancer wanting to kill her because of how rude she was being. The slave was forced to cut her own cheek against a blade to show her compliance.  The character was left to sleep in the cellar (the player was able to sleep in a separate dorm room away from everyone else).

It was an interesting role as we needed to mix up being really intimidating and controlling with providing opportunities for the other players — those of the Godegians — to get to do things and influence outcomes.  They spent a fair chunk of time convincing us to kill Rhaegar by describing him as a madman who would kill us all.  The apothecary had to keep running to her tent to get supplies to help those who had been injured by the Cregans.  Her husband had some protection due to the need to keep her compliant.  Rhaegar’s constant watchfulness was also interesting as he would occasionally loom out of nowhere to see what I was doing.  Very cool.

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