Dancers: S1. Summer End Session Summaries

Season 1 Summer’s Start Summary

The session began at General Idalia’s warehouse, a highly secured location, with folks recently returning from helping werewolf allies in slaying the beshilu (rat/spirit hybrids that chew the boundary between our world and the spirit world, creating holes).  The changelings are certain the beshilu threat was now over.

The changelings gathered in their various courts to discuss matters before the freehold-wide meeting began.

General Idalia brought Telluk out on trial using the other monarchs as jury.  Telluk was accused of being a loyalist for Peter Pan and working against the Freehold.  Telluk told the freehold that they were acting under duress as their selkie skin had been stolen by Peter Pan and they were forced to act so that they could get it back and hopefully return to their life in the Little Mermaid’s land.  The monarchs sentenced them to be trapped in a magical mirror indefinitely until the situation could be resolved.

Season 1 Summer’s Middle Summary

We couldn’t get access to the venue as it was undergoing renovations in January so we gathered online again.  Instead of having the characters also go online, we instead decided to have them all go to a True Fae goblin market called the Carnivale of Secrets.  You see, during a between game event, a nasty True Fae called the Vinelion decided to camp out at the old goblin market and it spread vines bearing soul stealing fruit.  That old goblin market only protects it’s customers’ mind and body, not mind, body and soul, so the Vinelion was allowed to stay while the other True Fae who attacked it were banned.

What were those True Fae to do but make their own Carnivale of Secrets with impossible rides and amazing shows to put on as a protest of the Vinelion’s actions?

Now we couldn’t represent such a carnival in a hall so we used Discord instead.  We made multiple Discord text rooms which contained room descriptions and matching voice channels so people could gather in different “areas” simply by entering the relevantly named voice channel. 

In the market stalls’ text channels we added photos of each item and a name, giving the descriptions to those playing the stallholders.  We had a thread showing all the NPC head shots.  We used screen sharing to show a theatrical performance in the theatre (just a 5 minute snippet).  We embedded YouTube videos showing some crazy carnival rides.  It was a hoot to make.

We also made a section as a Hedge lake-side area again split into sub-areas with text chats and voice chats bearing the same name.  We had a bot playing music so folks would all be hearing the same things and could talk about it.  This was the first part of the game, before they went into the True Fae goblin market.

The freehold started at a summer celebration at the Hedge lake-side.  Theseus cooked sausages for everyone.  Ricky Racoon’s hedge beast companion went along even though Ricky’s player couldn’t be there.  The hedge beast got thrown into the lake at his own request.  Molly’s fae mount, a creepy horse called a kelpie, came rushing to her side when it thought she was in trouble.

After about an hour, the changelings went to the Carnival of Secrets, emboldened by a rather comprehensive promise of protection for all attendees.  Changelings and humans could only go during the three nights of the full moon and luckily it was one such night.

They had to deal with several True Fae including Sweet Alice’s fortune telling, the Director and Peter Pan at the theatre, Crypt Keeper coming down off one of his newly constructed rides, Prince Charming walking along and flirting with people, and the Little Mermaid in her stall.

They also met Scarlet, a changeling from another freehold called the Huddle of Forts & Lodges, who was busy trying to sell a human at the market.  They rescued and released the human and Scarlet declared war on them on behalf of the Huddle of Forts and Lodges.  Our PCs wondered if she had the authority to do that and decided to send an emissary to speak to the Huddle itself after game.

Since it was pretty easy for players to switch between PC and NPC, we had a lot of players doing brief NPC shifts which let us include hobs running spooky haunted house mazes, control the rides, run the stalls and even paint food into existence.

It was a really successful session considering the difficulties of online play.

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