Dancers: S.1 Autumn Sessions Summary

Season 1 Autumn’s Start Summary

Autumn kicked off with a celebration in the Autumn Queen Octavia’s hollow (a house in the Hedge which is in the magical space between Fairyland / Arcadia and Earth).  The Summer Queen passed the monarchy over to the Autumn Queen who magically gained a crown of interwoven wooden sticks to reflect her power.

The party included a feast of sweets and drinks provided by the Autumn Queen and served by a hob.  The feast included items such as Easter Eggs filled with gummy worms (just punch a hole in each egg and feed them through) and cupcakes that would make you giggle (some of the snacks had little notes by them that explained their effect on a character).  Some of the drinks were in-game alcoholic but were actually made from cordial and lemonade (cocktails), apple juice (mead) and whiskey (iced tea).

The party began with a number of hedge beasts frolicking with their changeling (player character) masters and later the Autumn Court set out a picnic to talk with a changeling’s ghost friend called Jane.  Midway through every member swore the Freehold pledge that they would obey the ruling monarch and sell no one of the freehold out to the True Fae.  They made their pledges with their hand over a tome held by their court’s monarch.

Season 1 Autumn’s Middle Summary

The Freehold of Song & Storm started at the Autumn Queen Octavia’s hollow where they discussed business and figured out what they wanted to do.

Halfway through the session they went to visit the Goblin Market which was set in an old nightclub with smooth jazz playing in the background.  We had five tables set up with table cloths and items for trade with descriptions of what those items did below the phys-rep of said item.  This included hedgespun fabrics made from fire itself, a doll whose eyes you could see through and a mirror of concern that would let you watch someone you were concerned about once per day for a month.  We had the Goblin Market section set up at the beginning of the game with the tables pushed against the wall and sheets over the merchandise.  That way when folks went outside during the scene change we could quickly remove the sheets and pull out the tables in preparation for the market.

There was someone behind each table, barring one, to barter with.  They were mostly NPCs (Non Player Characters) but at a certain point two PCs took over the stalls as they were part-time stall holders.  One of the tables had no one there – it operated on an honour system.  The changelings were worried about that table and few were willing to do trades with it.

While at the market, the changelings met a harpy who worked for the Swamp Hag as well as the Night Manager who controls the entire market on behalf of the Owners Below.

They had to follow several rules while at the market which included:

  • Wear a Mask – All changeling or True Fae attendees to the Goblin Market must wear a mask that covers at least half of their face.
  • Vulgar Language is not Permitted – These vulgarities include base language (i.e. fuck, shit) or direct but simplistic insults (i.e. you’re an idiot) insults.
  • No Violence – Goblin merchants won’t be intimidated, and they won’t tolerate people trying to injure their customers.
  • You Get What’s Advertised – What a merchant tells you is true, but perhaps not always the whole truth.
  • Intent is needed in all dealings – Some degree of intent is needed when selling to hobs. Thus if you offer the colour of your eyes you won’t lose your ability to see colour unless you intended to sell that.
  • Honor Your Deals – This cuts both ways. A merchant must provide the wares, and the customer must provide payment. Defaulting on a deal riles up the Market.
  • No Refunds – If you regret trading away something, you’d better find something the merchant really wants in order to buy it back.

Toward the end of their market visit, two True Fae (Sweet Alice and the Director) arrived to do some shopping and confront one of the hob salesman who had stolen one for the Director’s loyalists.  The Director focused on the shopping while Sweet Alice focused on the changelings who were gathered there.  Most of the changelings fled in dribs and drabs whenever the True Fae were distracted so they wouldn’t be followed out.  Others took advantage of the goblin market’s protective status in the hopes that the True Fae wouldn’t attack them there.  The two True Fae were only there for around fifteen minutes before leaving but they still left an impression.

Season 1 Autumn’s End Summary

The hob Walwick visits the Freehold to whip up excitement and participants for the Swamp Run – a yearly run through the swamps where there are prizes put forward by goblin market stallholders for first, second and third place.  Once he had gathered the participants together, they left with one of the messenger rabbits to go to the starting line to be watched by drone cameras while he encouraged the remaining changelings to bet on the outcome.

On an Out of Character Note: We had in-game drone cameras to justify any characters wanting to follow along with the race but actually set up the players of racing characters to sit off to one side in a semi-circle around the Game Master.  The Game Master then took them turn by turn through the race, hearing their strategies and making die rolls with bonuses dependent on skills, magical ability and strategy.  He used a whiteboard to help them understand where each person was in the race in respect to everyone else.

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