Dancers: S.1 Winter Session Summaries

Season 1 Winter’s Start Summary

The Autumn Queen passed on the monarchy to the Winter King, in so doing her magical crown dissipated and his grew upon his head.  After the changelings swore the Freehold pledge once more, King John Jones made it illegal for anyone to outright lie to him.  One of the changelings, Asura,  later gave the Winter King some artwork as a gift in trade for earlier services.

Several members of a neighbouring pro-corporate Freehold, the Network of Suits and Dreams, came by to offer their services and entry into their entitlements (special associations of changelings with extra powers).  The Network of Suits and Dreams are largely employed in the megacorp “OnDemand Media” and rarely visit the magical lands of the Hedge for fear of the True Fae.

The Network brought along a professional fetch-hunter so she could offer her services.  Fetches are duplicates of the changelings who the True Fae leave behind to live the changeling’s life for them so no one knows they’re gone.  Most of the player’s changelings are the sort who left their fetches alive to live their lives in their stead as few felt confident in re-taking their old lives, so her presence was tension raising. 

The Summer Court brought out their magical duelling circle so various courtiers could try their strength against each other without fear of permanent injury.  The fetch-killer duelled Theseus in the duelling ring and lost.  Then later in Hound’s duel, the strange corruption within that Player Character (PC) burst free, and supernaturally sharp claws burst through his nails, hurting him but aiding him in the fight.  Afterwards, he couldn’t retract his claws.

The changelings also got to spend time with several werewolves and a necromancer called Alex and learned more about the world around them.

A hob called Scorpion arrived so Ricky and Mardane, two PC changelings, could install an augmentation they sold to the goblin market the last time they had been.  She wanted a new arm to replace the one Theseus ripped off a few months ago.  They set up a surgical bed in the middle of the freehold and got to work installing one to great success.

Season 1 Winter’s Middle Summary

This session was the Winter’s Ball where everyone dressed up to the nines.  They had just rescued the old winter king, Brian, from Cheiron and he came in to thank them and to announce that it was too dangerous for him to remain in the city and so he was going to move away to an unknown location.  This was a devastating blow to King John Jones who had hoped he could pass the crown on to Brian.

At the end of the Ball, the King built a fire (actually a box with some lights in it) and invited every citizen of the freehold to cast something symbolizing their secrets or their old human life into the blaze.  Some changelings wrote letters to mortals who will never read them or confessions that will never be read.  Those joined other symbolic items on the blazing heap.

As Game Masters, it was a lot of fun reading the notes the PCs left in the blaze since, naturally, there was no real fire.

Season 1 Winter’s End Summary

This gathering occurred online using a voice program called Discord with multiple voice and chat channels so everyone wasn’t stuck in a 20-player conversation and could split off into different rooms.  We chose to do this as there was a Covid-19 outbreak in Adelaide in the real world and we couldn’t meet in person. 

Since between sessions there had been a raid on the Cheiron megacorporation to rescue King Brian only a month ago and changeling-inspired protests by the DLA (Detroit Liberation Army) had spread across the in-game Detroit, we justified this by the changelings themselves meeting online to avoid the crackdowns and barricades that made it hard to walk the streets at night.

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