Dancers: S1. Spring’s Session Summaries

Season 1 Spring’s Start Summary

The gathering began with people in their various seasonal courts, each court at its own table, to discuss matters.  The crown shifted from the Winter King to the Spring King and they then swore their freehold pledges.

They then went to the goblin market where they met the powerful Swamp Hag – a figure who might be banished True Fae, powerful changeling or sorcerous hob and whose wares are both more expensive and more valuable than what the other have stalls available.  Cece brought her human friend along which caused a lot of the other changelings much concern as they were worried the goblin market might kidnap him for trade to the True Fae.

The changelings got to meet a pair of loyalists working for a True Fae called the Little Mermaid.  They learned they were always interested in new information and in collections of occult items and materials.

The goblin market meeting happened in the middle of the gathering so after an hour and a half, they returned to continue discussing things back at the freehold.

Season 1 Spring’s Middle Summary

The Spring Gala began with everyone being offered a shot of in-game hallucinogenic drugs (out of game it was cordial).  Those who partook of the drink were given a little flipbook of side effects and whenever the bell rang they would turn to the next side effect, ensuring a smooth progression and change in vibe as multiple people had a similar experience.  While not everyone took the drug, many did, which resulted in a few clarity rolls from those whose clarity was high enough that hallucinogens were a problem for them.  Since clarity depicts a person’s grasp on reality, losing it was a big deal for changelings.

As the Spring Gala involved a pledge that all those who wanted to attend would be allowed to attend, the True Fae Peter Pan (appearing human but for his strange shadow) entered the party.  First he just indulged himself, later he schemed.  Tinkerbell also arrived, moving invisibly at the beginning but then causing a bit of mischief such as when she stole one person’s collar.

Season 1 Spring’s End Summary

Spring’s last gathering included some time for the various courts to talk among themselves and then discuss matters with the whole Freehold.  Theseus of the Summer Court summoned a mage ghost using a wand that Ricky and Mardane located at a store.  It turns out the ward was an old fetter that once belonged to said mage.  They learned some information from him then sent him back to the Underworld. Theoretically said mage could be summoned again.

A couple razorgangers (violent gangs who are obsessed with being heavily augmented) brought in a Sandman loyalist for the Spring King to interrogate.  The Spring King gave them money and drugs and a possibility of further employment for their troubles, then once the gang left, the Freehold started interrogating the man to learn more about what they knew of the other loyalists, where they were and what they did.  Then the Spring King decided to hold the loyalist against his will to keep his loyalist pledge from breaking with the possibility of providing him gainful employment once the other loyalists were dead.

Two Sweet Alice loyalists, Death Reaper and Crimson Nightfall, came along to do a deal with the Spring King, offering him equipment in exchange for a person who was on the cusp of committing atrocity – Thomas Peterson, an executive manager in the Detroit Compassion Foundation branch.  It turns out Sweet Alice likes to sacrifice innocents to the pit so they like to pick someone who’s only just “innocent”.  Thomas Peterson had been organising to gas the “rats” in the sewers without informing Detroit’s homeless population who also take shelter in the underground.

John Jones also promised to find a special rare healing fruit, the Hera Pear, to help cure Crimson Nightfall’s ailing daughter.

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